29.4. 2021

Expert opinion on the Recovery and Resilience Plan & the National and Integrated Reform Plan

Peter Pažitný is a signatory of the expert opinion on the Recovery and Resilience Plan & the National and Integrated Reform Plan, which was created as an initiative of the AMCHAM health section.
29.4. 2021

Monograph Health system of the Slovak Republic

In November 2020, Peter Pažitný published a monograph Health System of the Slovak Republic in a professional publishing house Wolters Kluwer.
26.3. 2021

Participation on the project Tearing down the myths about socialism and welfare state

As part of the project of the Conservative Institute - Tearing down the myths about socialism and welfare state, we published two texts
15.2. 2021

Strategy of using artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare

Pažitný & Kandilaki has been a subcontractor of PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC) in the project "Strategy for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare" since September 2020. The project is supported by the EU (DG REFORM) and its main beneficiary is the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.
28.11. 2020

Availability of health services measured by the Vignette Methodology

Peter Pažitný, Daniela Kandilaki and Ľubica Löffler participated in the research that was measuring the availability of selected health services in Slovakia using a new method - Vignette Methodology.  
30.5. 2020

Publication Socialism: Reality Instead of Myths

Peter, Daniela and Ľubica are co-authors of the publication Socialism: Reality Instead of Myths (Socializmus: realita namiesto mýtov), which was created within the project of the Conservative Institute of M. R. Stefanik Demolition of Myths about Socialism and the Social State.
13.12. 2019


In his article for Health newspaper, Peter expresses his opinion on cross-ownership.  
3.12. 2019

Peter was a speaker at the conference Effective Hospital 2019

Peter presented at the conference “Effective Hospital 2019” on the topic: Management tools, incentives, regulations and feedback in the health system of Slovakia  
21.10. 2019

Daniela successfully defended her PhD thesis

Daniela successfully defended her PhD thesis at the Faculty of Management of the University of Economics in Prague.  
23.6. 2019

Digital Medicine Conference “The Future is now” in Prague

In June, Peter Pažitný and Daniela Kandilaki attended the 8th Digital Medicine Conference “The Future is now” in Prague, where Peter Pažitný was a guest of a panel discussion on “The Future of Digital Healthcare in the Czech Republic”.
22.6. 2019

Scientific conference on Pharmacoeconomics in Slovakia XXXVII

This year's scientific conference on Pharmacoeconomics in Slovakia XXXVII also focused on management, economics and health technologies. In his lecture, Peter Pažitný focused on the topic "Managerial tools, incentives and regulations in the context of the achievement of the private and social objectives of the Slovak Health Care System".
17.6. 2019

Panel discussion at the conference SK + MED

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the The Slovak Association of Medical Devices Suppliers SK+MED, a conference named Medical Technologies in the Perspective of Slovak Healthcare was held.
21.11. 2018

Peter was awarded the title of Associate Professor

Peter has further developed his successful academic career by being awarded the title of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Management of the University of Economics in Prague.
23.7. 2018


In October 2017, Ribera Salud Grupo acquired a 34% stake in Pro Diagnostic Group. After the first successful year, the acquisition process has continued and stake of RSG has now expanded to 66%. Our team congratulates both parties to this success!
30.6. 2018


In June 2018, Peter Pažitný and the former Minister of health Rudolf Zajac have prepared a study to help the Armenian government with the reform of its health insurance system. The study is one of the outputs of the project under the auspices of the World Bank.
25.6. 2018


After becoming a member of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Management in the fall of 2017, Peter was succesfully elected as a member of the Academic Senate of the University of Economics, Prague in June 2018.
3.5. 2018

Workshop for students from the Hilbert College

For the third time in a row we have prepared a workshop for students from Hilbert College (Buffalo, N.Y.). This year, the workshop was focused on the migration and public administration. In addition to the city sightseeing, students were able to visit the premises of the Primate's Palace and discuss with the mayor's adviser on the management of the office. We are looking forward to the next year!
2.4. 2018


Last year, the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies arrived with the innovative platform HSPM, which provides a detailed description of health systems and up to date information on reforms and changes in health policy.
9.1. 2018

The Dean's Award for the best publication

Peter Pažitný a Daniela Kandilaki were awarded by the Dean of the Faculty of management at University of Economics (3rd place) for the best publication in the field of "Management" in 2017.  The Dean of Faculty, Mr. Vladislav BÍna appreciated their co-authorship in the publication Health Systems in Transition: Slovakia.
24.10. 2017


Peter has become a member in the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics, Prague for the 2017-2020 term of office.
3.10. 2017

Acquisition of PDG

Ribera Salud acquired a 34% stake in Pro Diagnostic Group, a.s. in October 2017. During the acquisition process it relied on strategic advice, analytical services, and communication support from our team. Ribera Salud is the leading healthcare provider in Spain and the author of an innovative model of integrated healthcare provision so called "Alzira model". The shareholders of this international group are Banco Sabadell (50%) and Centene Corporation (50%) which ranked No 19 on the Fortune list of top companies that are changing the world. The acquisition of the largest provider of radiological services in Slovakia, operating diagnostic centers with modalities such as magnetic resonance, CT, USG and PET / CT, is the first strategic step for Ribera Salud when entering the Slovak market. We are looking forward to o a successful cooperation!
25.4. 2017

Workshop for students from the Hilbert College, Buffalo

In April 2017, our team prepared the second workshop for students from Hilbert College, Buffalo. The main themes of this worshop, which were lectured by both internal and external experts, were the functioning of the health system in Slovakia, the way of its financing and the migration crisis in Europe (measures and position of Slovakia). The workshop continued with a free discussion and a city tour.  
29.3. 2017

Strategic cooperation with Schill Dental Clinic

In March 2017, we completed strategic consulting for the private dental clinic Schill Dental Clinic, which resulted in the opening of a new clinic in Košice and the relocation of a Prague office to completely new premises. Strategic cooperation was focused on the growth of its own network of dental clinics in new locations in Slovakia as well as in the Czech Republic.
7.1. 2017

Publication: Health Systems in Transition - Slovakia

Peter and Daniela are co-authors of the new edition of Slovak Health System Review, the main author of which is Martin Smatana (Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic). Michaela Laktišová (Ministry of Health of the SR), Darina Sedláková (WHO Slovak Office) and Monika Palušková (the Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry for primary care) were also working on the publication. The publication is part of a series of country profiles published under the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and it provides a detailed description of the healthcare system in Slovakia. Peter was also co-author of the 2011 edition.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a consulting company specializing in healthcare. We operate primarily in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, but our activities reach the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our clients are the leading providers of healthcare, health insurance, strategic investors and private equits. We live in a post-facto period, where many times more depends on "likes" than on facts.

For our work, however, the crucial facts. That's why we approach methodically each problem and try to get relevant data and records. In many cases, we apply precise methods taken from the scientific work. This is a great help to us that, in addition to business consulting, we are engaged in lecturing and scientific work in the academy. We therefore consider methodologies, data and evidence to be key to our work.

What We Do

We provide our clients with market analyzes, identifying new investment opportunities, creating strategic partnerships, selecting potential acquisition goals, commercial due diligence, comprehensive hospital restructuring plans, hospital transformation plans, expert opinions, process analyzes, HTA analysis, HR and Managerial Consulting and Acquisition Advice.

We are joining the academy with the healthcare industry by building a HTA training center and organizing training sessions and workshops. At the same time, we have long-term research collaboration with international organizations (WHO - health in transition, EC - integrated care).


Peter Pažitný

Lecturer of Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes at the University of Economics in Prague. He is an economist and holds a MSc in Management of Healthcare Services from Semmelweis University, a PhD in Healthcare Marketing from the Economic University in Bratislava and a doc. from the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Prague. He was health policy advisor to Ministers of Health in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary and is executive director of CEE Health Policy Network.

Daniela Kandilaki

Research fellow and lecturer at the University of Economics in Prague with a specialization in Management of Healthcare Services. She was active in managerial positions in various health care providers.

Lubica Löffler

Lubica is an analyst and consultant in company Pažitný & Kandilaki (since 2017), previously Healthcare Consulting & Research Center (since 2015). She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Economics in Bratislava and she holds a MSc. degree in Healthcare Management from the University of Vienna. During her studies she held several different positions in E-commerce.  Lubica speaks fluent English and German.

Michal Vašečka

Doc. PhDr. Michal Vašečka, PhD. is sociologist by background. He focuses his interests on issues of ethnicity, race, and migration studies, as well as populism, extremism, social movements, and civil society. As an Associate Professor Michal operates at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA) since 2015 and at the Pan-European University in Bratislava since 2018. Michal serves as a representative of the Slovak republic in the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), human rights body of the Council of Europe since 2012. In 2018 Michal became a laureate of the Award for special contribution in the field human rights of Minister of Justice of Slovakia. 

Natália Urbanová

Executive Assistant to the President of the economic think-tank MESA10. Since 2014, she is also the Central & East Health Policy Network Coordinator. She studied at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of Economics and Management specialized in Accounting and Audit. During 2012 – 2016 she served as an Assistant to the Member of the Slovak Parliament. Natalia worked also as an Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic.



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